Tony's Stuff
photos supplied by: Tony Reiser

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Tony and his newly made 20' Delta Tony entered this crossdeck kite and took
First place at Smithsonian's Kite Festival in 1994.

Japanese film crew with Tony at Louise Moore Park.
They made a film of Tony building this kite
for channel 4, Nipon TV.
Hexagon kite appliqued with two Egrets
on display at Lehigh Valley Mall, Oct, 2001.

Tony entered this at Smithsonian 2000
and took 1st Place in Masters Flat kite category.
The 80' long dragon kite with the
Japanese "Kanji" Character for Dragon
appliqued on a 4' head and a chain link design
on the full length of the tail.
9 cell McAlister arched box kite, made at MKS Retreat 2001.

Tony entered this 10' Tri-D-Box kite,
with an American flag design and
recived the "Ingenuity Award"
at Smithsonian's 35th Kite Festival in 2001.
Parachuting Teddy Bear.
Back in 1991, this was one of Tony's first projects.
He made the chute and attached
it to a courageous bear, who jumps
from a kite line high in the air.

6' Rainbow Bol. Made in 1995. 7' with 3' opposable Catherine's Wheels

"Ameri-Boleno" My version of Claudio Capelli's Euro-Boleno. Sail area 425 sq. ft., 5' by 85' long, forms the 30' diameter circle. 2,000 ft. of line for the bridles. Made in 1996. "Springtime" Seven Sisters Kite with 43' tail. Built in 1995. Took second place at Smithsonian Kite Festival.

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