Sunfest 2005
photos by: Paul & Tina Keeler

LVKS ground display the first day. Me and my newly re-made 5' feather flag.

Cliff, Joyce and Jim around Cliff's 12 point DoubleStar kite. Cliff's kite flying high.

Two of my kites(center) and other kites. Some of the larger kites down the beach.

Mike VanMeers taking names for the rokkaku battle. Another two of my kites.

The wind really picked up on Saturday... so I put out two of my bols.

For "People's Choice" I put up my red, white and blue... kite and line laundry...

and tied for first place.
Even got a prize!
Some line laundry I picked up
at the auction last year.

Bought this large kite this year, side... and top view.

I built this kite (10'X12') over the summer. Tina sitting in the shade of my 28' banner
with my arched cellular box flying over head.

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