Genki Seminar -- January 13, 2007
photos by: Paul Keeler

We had 18 people sign up for the seminar. 12 kites were being built.

Ron Dunn cutting out his keels, Gaylord Olson watching. Glen & Edna Bertholf working hard, or hardly working.

Joyce Quinn, are you allowed to use sharp scissors? Steve Ferrel & Cliff Quinn discussing who knows what.

Tony Reiser & John Parks at their machines. John, looks like you can sew pretty good.

Cliff, don't glue your fingers together. Steve Faustner at his machine, You want me to sew what ... where?

Ron Dunn, fold tab A into slot B.
Lynette Bright, like this?
Saul Vachier, NOW STAY DOWN!
Walter Wolf Jr., what do you mean the fabric dosen't go on the machine?

Rich Grysko, ok where did my fabric go? Earl "Rocky" Heacock Jr., is this right?

Tony Reiser, I know there is thread here somewhere. Look! A kite almost finished.

Steve with his and Pat's finished kite.
First one done... team work made the building go faster.
Joyce & Steve cleaning up, someone had to do it!

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