"First Sunday Fly" July 2, 2006

following photos by: Joyce Quinn
Cliff's newly built... "Bowkite"

following photos by: Brewster Young

following photos by: Paul & Kristina Keeler
Joyce and Paul with their new kites. Look at all the new kites.

Tony and Rocky. Paul, Walter and Joyce.

Hey, all of those kites look like the same style... are they Duton-Taylor Box Deltas built at a seminar?

Brewster's Kites. Our set up.

One of Tony's Duton-Taylor Box Deltas. Brewster with a Box.

Rocky and Cliff. Another kite that Rocky built.

Brewster's Box following Walter's Delta. Tony, your Bol has a tangle again.

The "Hagaman" and rainbow streamers. Happy 4th of July.

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