Wildwood International Kite Festival May 25-28, 2007

Genki Seminar January 13, 2007

First Sunday Fly July 2, 2006

Longwood Gardens Kitebuild October 29-30, 2005

Sunfest Kite Festival September 22-25, 2005

Hagaman Fly December 14, 2003

Tony Reiser's photos of his first trip to Newport Sport Kite Championships in Newport, RI - July 12-15, 2002.

12th Annual LVKS Kite Day in the Park was on May 4, 2002.

9 th Annual Kite Day in the Park was on May 1, 1999 and held at Louise Moore Park, Easton, PA. Louise Moore Park is a Northampton County Parks And Recreation park and we are glad for their support and use of the park. This year we had great weather and a lot of spectators.

Sunfest 1998 was in September at Ocean City, Maryland. This is a annual event.

Aerial photos for your viewing pleasures.

Tony Reiser is very active in the club and loves to make kites. Here is only a few of his creations.

Paul Keeler also is active in the club and has made a few kites. Here is some of his stuff.

Glenn Bachman President of LVKS 2001 & 2002 doesn't build much (yet). Here is some of his favorite kite pictures, taken by him and his wife Martie.

Rokkaku Teams LVKS has had many teams in Rokkaku Battles at a lot of festivals. Here are some of those teams.