Hagaman Fly - December 14th 2003
by: Glenn Bachman

After reading an article in the AKA Kiting Magazine about a memorial fly dedicated to Doug Hagaman, the inventor of the hagaman kite, I brought it to the attention of fellow members at a Lehigh Valley Kite Society monthly meeting. Since LVKS has such a kite, I thought it would be a good idea to fly with fellow Hagaman owners. We decided to fly on Sunday December 14th and would meet at 1:30pm at the flying field.

The weather was brutal. A snowstorm was predicted and freezing rain was falling. The park was not plowed or even officially opened. Martie Bachman, Paul Keeler, Tony Reiser and myself headed out to the field.

We had great wind and the Hagaman kite went up like a rocket, found its place in the sky and held steady. The kite came down and before launching it again we noticed a thin layer of ice on the leading edge. After about an hour and some runs with the kite sledding. We decided to go home. Paul had some good runs and Glenn caught some air.

Fun was had by all and we thank Doug Hagaman for creating one of our clubs favorite kites.

Photos by: Martie & Glenn Bachman - Click photo for larger image.
Standing at park entrance.
L/R Tony, Paul, Glenn
Heading out to the field. Inflating the Hagaman. Launching the Hagaman. Tony holding up the tree.

The Hagaman flying high. Paul getting ready
for his run.
There Paul goes. Glenn's off... ...and away.

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