The Wall
by: Paul Keeler, Fall 2001

For a while now, several of us have talked about making side for the Eazy Ups. When we got the new Eazy Up (10'X10'), I decided it was time to do more than talk.

Sunfest 2001.

I sat down and drew up a design on the computer of how I thought the "walls" should look. The size, 10' Wide and 6' Tall. A large Keystone logo in the center, with our web address across the top. This large of a surface would collect a lot of wind, so we used a white screening for the background surface. This way, some of the wind will go through, but enough wind is blocked to protect us from the high winds we sometimes get. Also, the walls give more shade to the area. The project was to be completed for Sunfest.

The first step was to get the materials, enough to build two walls. The fabric is 1.5 oz. ripstop for the yellow border, black lettering and multi-colored logo. A heavy white screening was used for the rest.

Next the letters had to be cut out and glued to the background, then each letter had to be sewn down. The logo was then cut out and sewn together. Then the logo was sewn to the center of the screen. The web address section was added to the top and a border was added on the sides and bottom. Finally, tabs were attached to the top and both sides of the wall. Thirteen Bungees are used to attach the wall to the Eazy Up.

We were able to finish one wall for Sunfest. Not only does it look great, it actually functioned like we planned. The second wall was not completed for another two week after Sunfest. Iím looking forward to seeing both walls attached to the Eazy Up.

MIKE 2002.

Thanks to Glenn & Martin Bachman, Tony Reiser and Doug Logg for their help in making this project.

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