The Continuous Tale Of "The Tail"
by: Joyce Quinn, Spring 1996

As most of our members know, one of our special projects for Sunfest '95 was THE TAIL. It ended up with launch problems and building problems, the large Boardwalk type buildings. Despite all that, it won us second place.

Now this tail has another tale. Or maybe I should say three more tails. The usual Tuesday night group tackled this humungous monster again. We separated the front section of about 200 plus feet from the rest of the tail. Then where the tail started to taper down to the next smaller size, we ripped apart one side seam the entire length of these three 100 plus foot monsters. By this time they WERE MONSTERS, believe me. You felt like you were being attacked by these things while you were sitting or trying to move amongst these monster nylon tails.

In some places where the TAIL tangled with the Boardwalk buildings it got worn or ripped so we replaced these sections with, GUESS WHAT?, more excess tail. I wonder where we ever came up with any excess?

So now that I have succeeded in finding my way out of the maze, I found my trusty sewing machine right were I left it. Now the plan was to sew two of the three inch tails together for form a 6" diameter tubular tail. I think that was the problem in the first place, we made it a tubular tail. Have you ever had your arms swallowed up by a giant nylon tail while you were trying to turn it right side out?????

It looked something like this,,,???? I think????? One thing for certain, this is what it felt like while we were trying to sew the seams. You would think---nice, simple, straight seams. WRONG!

Now there is talk of re-waterproofing these things. I no longer think of them at tails, just monstrous nightmare things! You see we got the material at a real "bargain". Not a bargain? It was but we found out we needed to seal it in order to have it inflate. So several people were seen "painting" sealers on strips last summer. Oh what we go through for FUN!

Well, it is fun because our club people are a great bunch and we actually have FUN when we work on stuff!!

I hope we have seen the last of the ripping, cutting, re-sewing (you name it) of these monsters! Who knows though, someone may come up with a better use for them?!!! OH!! NO!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE "CONTINUOUS TALE OF THE TAILS". Are they multiplying!

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