Spinning Flags
by: Paul Keeler, Winter, Feb. 2004

Late in 2003 while driving, I saw these spinning things outside of a store. I thought they would be neat to make in the club colors and put with our ground display. I stopped and took a few photos so I had something to work with. Closeup of how to make parts.
My sample at the holiday party. After playing with the idea for a while, I came up with a paper design and came to a club meeting in November with the project. I said I would make one to make sure the design changes I made would work. The design was accepted and we set 2 dates in February 2004 to get club members together and build 12 units.
To make 12 units we had to make 72 individual flags, so several of us cut out pieces before the workshop dates. Tony cut out the red sections of the flags, I cut the yellow sections. Joyce, Andy & Sylvia cut all the letters and keystones. Tony also made the hubs which holds the thing together.
At the first workshop, Deidre, Sylvia, Andy and Tony began sticking the letters and keystones on to the red panels. Joyce and I started to sew the panels together, Martie joined in when she and Glenn arrived. Saul cut the strips for the edge binding. Glenn, Ron and Sue folded the edge binding. We got most of the panels sewn together and even a few flags were edge binded. Joyce & Paul sewing.
At the 2nd workshop we completed (all but a few final touches) all 12 units. Tony put together the frames (tinker toys as Andy calls them). Joyce, Sylvia, Andy and I completed the sewing. Then we all got to assemble the final units.
Tony tinkering. Sylvia & Andy sewing. Paul & Andy assembling. Sylvia assembling. Paul assembling.

Spinning flags at the park.

At March's First Sunday Fly, all 13 spinning flags were displayed for the first time. We didn't have all the other flags to set up with the new spinning flags but they look good all by themselves. Next time you see LVKS at an event check them out.

Spinning flags at the park.

Thanks to the members who were able to come to the workshop and help.

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