Rokkakus and Banner flag
by: Paul Keeler, Winter 1992

4' Rokkaku

On August 13, 1992, it began! Tony & Steve Ferrel, Tony Reiser, Ron Dunn, Gail Erich and Paul Keeler met at Kite Studio and started on the club's 4' and 6' rokkakus and 16' banner/feather flag. After a few hours of planning, drawing, erasing, re-drawing and cutting, there emerged a pattern for a 4' rokkaku. On the 19th, the paper pattern was transferred to ripstop and then pasted to the main body. Tony Reiser took the pieces home and sewed them together.

At the 3rd meeting of the group on the 26th, Tony had the pieces almost all together. The group started thinking again (not so hard this time) and enlarged the 4' pattern to a 6' pattern. Tony Ferrel sewed the 2 halves of the skin together. With the help of Jim Reiser, the pieces were cut and pasted to the skin. Again, Tony Reiser took the pieces to sew.

4' & 6' Rokkaku
16' Banner/feather Flag. Also at the 3rd meeting, a plan was drawn up for a 16' banner/feather flag. Paul took the plans for the flag to cut and assemble. Tony Reiser and Gail helped at Burlesque Kites with the assembly.

After the kites were sewn by Tony Reiser, Tony and Steve Ferrel added the finishing touches, pockets, rods, bridling, etc. On September 10, 1992, the 4' rokkaku could be seen in the skies above Luther Crest (battling it out with a hawk) and by the 14th (LVKS meeting) the 6' was complete all but bridling. The flag was mostly done and completed on the 15th.

The Club now has a 7 1/2' rokkaku (made by Andy Gelinas at the Maryland Kite Society Weekend Retreat Feb. 14-17, 1992), a 6' rokkaku, a 4' rokkaku, a Banner/Feather Flag and a kite bag (donated by Burlesque Kites and embroidered by Steve Ferrel). This is a good start! Thanks to all who helped with their time and knowledge.

6' & 7.5' Rokkaku

Made by Andy and Gail This was the first club Rokkaku made in Feb. 1992. The 7.5' tall Rok was made by Andy Gelinas. The center logo was made by Gail Erich.

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