1997 Club Projects (Letter Roks)
by Karl Imdorf, Jan-Feb. 1997

Flying at Smithsonian.

The year has kicked off with the resurrection of the letter kites coming back to life as four roks to be flown in a train. As of this writing they are nearing completion in the sewing department. They have turned out fairly attractive; red letters with black trim on a yellow background with black trim.

The final phase will be bridling and flying, hopefully by the First Sunday Club Fly on March 2. Come on out! It's going to take several people to launch it and to just hold on to it! These will be entered at the Smithsonian if the following project isn't finished first.

Karl & Roks getting judged at Smithsonian.

Some preliminary drawings have been made for the "Flying Carpet." The plan is to use the Club Megabanner as the "carpet" and build a foil or flowform to attach it to. The Megabanner will be towed horizontally behind the foil as a humongous undulating tail, hence the name "Flying Carpet." Please note the attachment will not be permanent so as the Megabanner can still be raised as a flag. If you are looking to get involved in a club project this is the one! If you would like to make your first or an additional panel for the Megabanner it would be welcome. Let's make it even bigger? Tuesday nights will be spent constructing the lifting foil and repairing and attaching any newly donated panels for the Megabanner. Personally, I am very excited about this one as I have never seen the Megabanner in flight.

There is a third project being considered for 1997. It's another of our "SECRET PROJECTS" and should be particularly challenging in regards to the ingenuity and engineering required. Contact Karl Imdorf or Paul Keeler if you are interested in the project or if you would like to participate.

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