1996 Club Projects
by: Paul Keeler, Winter 1996

This will never work.

Our first project was suggested by Joyce Quinn, which she saw in an old copy of the German magazine Drachen. It was Letter shaped kites. We began to make the letters "LVKS" to train together. However, the magazine not being in English was difficult to interpret and from what we could tell didn't have any bridling instructions. After several attempts to fly it failed, we tabled the project to move on to the next because time was running out.

We needed a new project to be completed for Sunfest and AKA Grand Nationals. Yes it was the Arch Train! We spent hours deciding how and what shape, size, etc. to make them. We wanted it to be different from the normal eddy kites that most trains are made of. We decided on keystone shaped red with a black border.

Left side.
Flying good.

We appliqued some as our LOGO, some with yellow letters "LEHIGH VALLEY KITE SOCIETY" and the rest are blank. As far as sizes, the largest center kite is 36" tall, there are several 24" tall and the rest are 18" tall. A total of 59 kites make up the 110' long train.

The arch train was finished up just in time for Sunfest, where it was seen for the first time. Unfortunately the day of judging it rained and the category was canceled.

Next up was AKA Grand Nationals where we took first place in co-operative.

The whole thing at Sunfest.

We are now back on the letters, which after more unsuccessful attempts to fly, we are now in the process of appliqueing to roks. We will fly them trained behind each other (see the next project).

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