Kimono Committee Creations Conquest Convention
by: Gail Erich, Winter 1994

AKA National Convention, Wildwood 94'. Club Banner Challenge, First Place.

This project originally got off the ground at the May club meeting when the members voted to okay moneys to create 24 Kimonos. Ron Dunn and I searched several craft stores for an appropriate pattern as did Joyce and Cliff Quinn down in their neck of the woods. Then after a tasty working lunch, Joyce and I searched for dazzling materials to make the prototype. With Joyce working a lot behind the scenes. The prototype was modeled at the club meeting and received an enthusiastic response.

So the search began to accumulate 91 yards of red jacquard (synthetic silk) and 66 yards of black patterned jacquard. So by late July enough was amassed to begin our massive undertaking.

At the first get-together in August, we cut out pieces and pieces and more pieces. But a great group was there to help. Newcomer Nancy Fried, Joyce Quinn, Joyce Gordon, Paul Keeler, Tony Reiser Sr. and myself. Well, I thought ripstop was the slipperiest material to work with, but I was wrong. We met for two weeks just to cut and pin Kimonos.

AKA National Convention, Wildwood 94.  The Banquet

AKA National Convention, Wildwood 94.'  Ready for battle.

Then we sewed for three weeks, and the guys did a super job sewing. I believe as a group we could tackle just about anything now. Again, Joyce Quinn took home and pressed all the Kimonos. Some oriental type lettering was found and added the week before the AKA Convention, so we knew we were just about ready.

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