5' Flags
Spring 1993

We needed some type of ground display to be like other clubs and groups. However we wanted to have more than the others. A simple design was created where the top section has a keystone, the bottom section has LVKS and the center section has a design by the club member who made the flag.

The flags were first displayed at The Smithsonian Kite Festival - March 27, 1993. We had 25 flags at that time. Becouse we set them up everywhere we go they get used a lot, wear out and need to be repaired or replaced every couple of years. We now average around 45 flags, along with all the other stuff we set up.

A lot of spectators have used our setup as a background for there pictures. Below are only a few of those setups.

Belmar, NJ 1993 KDIP, PA 1995 Smithsonian, DC 1997 Winter Fly, PA 2002

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