Now That's A Drogue!
by: Tony & Steve Ferrel, Summer 1992

Drogue flown at Wildwood 92'

How many of you have seen this drogue flying in the Lehigh Valley? Answer.. All who have been to club events lately.

It was designed by Kite Studio and built by club members Steve Ferrel, Tony and Jim Reiser, Guy Gray, Bob James, and Tony Ferrel.

The initial idea was to make a banner to fly off a large lifting kite. We wanted the letters to be fairly large so it could be read from a distance. The words also had to make sense to people unfamiliar with our club, so we could not use abbreviations.

Drogue on the ground at Sunfest 92'

We soon discovered that Lehigh Valley Kite Society, Pennsylvania had too darn many letters for a banner. The next idea was to design something that created some lift of its own, and would remain inflated so as to keep the letters readable at all times. The solution was a nineteen foot drogue! The front diameter is approximately 4.5 feet; the rear diameter approximately 1.5 feet.

The drogue represents 38 man hours of cutting the 3/4 ounce ripstop body; cutting, gluing, and sewing 58 letters; sewing the edging; installing the semi-rigid tubing for the leading edge frame; and then cutting, knotting, and installing the eight point adjustable bridle.

It was a great learning experience for all involved. Because of the confidence achieved from the project we have a lot of homemade kites and feather flags flying the fields of the Lehigh Valley. Thanks again to all involved and for the support of the LVKS for the project!

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