Conyne Deltas
(Solving a Problem)

by: Tony Reiser

Have you ever been flying kites as a festival or just any public place when you will hear the question, hey mister can I fly your kite?

I would like to let the youngster or oldster fly my kite but many of my kites have won awards and some have taken many hours of tedious work and expensive material to make. I am reluctant to let someone who is inexperienced use them.

Taken at Ocean City, MD - 9/2000 - By : Tony Reiser

I made a proposal to the Club in August, 1999, that we should make several easy to assemble and fly kites. I decided that an eight foot Delta Conyne would be a good choice. So with some of our Club members, we made ten kites. We made five yellow and red and five black and red.

We have been loaning them to young and old alike. They not only save our kites but they give people their first experience at kite flying or perhaps bringing back the thrill once again at the wonderful world of kiting.

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